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CM Liberator

CM Zero Waste Systems

Maximize Your Profits & Eliminate Waste

Today the most sophisticated recyclers strive to recover all of the tire components and are developing new markets to become more efficient. By eliminating waste and creating expanded opportunities from these materials, processors can maximize their profits by offering a variety of wire free crumb rubber feedstock sizes and clean salable steel for resale.

The Zero Waste System includes a CM Liberator and Steel Reclaim System. The Liberator will process 4-6 inch shred producing a variety of rubber sizes Depending on capacity, a CM2R or CM4R Liberator can be used.

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Benefits Include:

  • Additional revenue generation
  • Elimination of waste
  • Clean salable steel, less than 5% contaminate
  • Multiple market opportunities for rubber
  • TDF, mulch, playground and crumb rubber
  • Two system options available

CM Zero Waste System Engineering


Customer Service is Second to None

We carry a complete line of replacement parts for all CM Tire Processing Equipment with shipping on standard parts within 24 hours. Our dedicated Customer Service Team is available to take your part orders via e-mail, telephone or fax. We use various freight carriers to ensure you will receive your package on time and at the lowest cost.

We also provide Field Service Technicians support if your equipment needs maintenance or repairs. Depending on location, our technicians can generally be on your site within 24 hours.


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